Garden of Life Sculpture


The single worst incident of racial violence in American history took place on June 1, 1921, when mobs of white residents in Tulsa attacked and destroyed residents and businesses in the Greenwood District, which at the time was the wealthiest black community in the US known as Black Wall Street.

The events of the massacre were covered up for decades. Details of that horrific event are only just beginning to be uncovered. We recognize that reconciliation has only just begun to be made with the black community in Tulsa and across our country. 

In light of the 99th anniversary of the massacre, we have created the "Garden of Life Sculpture", which symbolizes a gesture of apology, of peace, and of reconciliation. As a small business that cares about the history and culture of our city, we want to do what we can to use our platform for reconciliation.

THIRTY PERCENT of sales of the Garden of Life Sculpture will be donated to the Greenwood Cultural Center in Tulsa, OK, whose mission is to "preserve African-American heritage and promote positive images of the African-American community by providing educational and cultural experiences; promoting intercultural exchange; and encouraging cultural tourism."


This sculpture is 16 inches tall and welded onto a base, so it works well on a tabletop or a garden. It is made with a "natural steel" finish and will develop a rust patina over time. 


We encourage our customers to consider donating directly to the Greenwood Cultural Center. 

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