About Us

Garden Deva Sculpture Company is located in the heart of The Pearl District, near downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.
We are an art studio and a metal fabrication shop, and we specialize in creating custom metal sculptures for homes, gardens, businesses, and nonprofits.

Our founder, Lisa Regan, began creating whimsical sculptures in 1996, hoping to fill beautiful places with happy spirits. Our gallery, full of art from Lisa and other local artists, is now a hub for creativity and community events. We are renovated a brand new space in Tulsa, so come by and see all the work we are doing!

We also offer workshops if you would like a hands-on experience at Garden Deva. Click here to learn more about the classes and schedule a class!

In 2017, Lisa partnered with Greg & Penny Hackbarth and their daughter, Kari Hackbarth, to give the artist some relief from running a business. Now, the Hackbarths are fully dedicated to maintaining Garden Deva's beautiful legacy, while Lisa is able to provide creative direction and, of course, fill the Tulsa gallery with new pieces.

​We welcome you to join us here in Tulsa, but if you can't make it to the studio, our website is here to bring Garden Deva to you. Contact us to develop a quote for custom signs or sculptures, or check out our online store for all kinds of fun pieces!

Garden Deva Through the Years

Garden Deva has been garnering attention in Oklahoma and across America for decades. Here is a glimpse into our beautiful history...


Our Gallery

Our gallery and home base is located at 3rd and Peoria in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Open Hours
Monday - Friday: 10 AM - 5 PM
Saturday: 10 AM - 3 PM

We'd love to meet you in person, so please visit our gallery!

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