Save the Bees Fundraiser Pole

Save the Bees!
Bees are responsible for about 80% of pollination around the world, and seventy out of the top 100 human food crops are pollinated by bees! The bee population in the US has declined by about 60% since 1947, but many organizations are doing good work to save the bees!Pollinator Partnership is a non-profit organization that does work to protect pollinator species all across the globe! They do a variety of work to save the bees, including:
  • Providing resources for beekeepers in North America to create bee habitats,
  • Awarding research grants for honeybee health, and
  • Working with the agricultural industry in the United States to promote pollinator programs
  • Supporting local farmers to become bee-friendly
We are donating 20% of the Bee Pole and the Honeycomb Trellis to Pollinator Partnership!
Available in 8" (Small) or 12" (Large)

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